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Our Areas of Activity

SOTRETEC Has 12 Business Areas

Low power


  • Industrial and plant electricity
  • Construction of electrical switchboards
  • Building and warehouse electricity
  • Electrical installation and maintenance

Public Address System

  • Public address equipment and materials
  • Conference and wireless systems
  • Security sound system
  • Acoustic processing and correction for recording studios, home cinema and conference rooms
  • Public address systems in public places (auditoriums, shops, hospitals, congress halls)
  • Installation of sound broadcasting equipment for meeting rooms, party rooms, sports rooms, SPA, bars, clubs, lounges, home cinema, shops, etc.


  • Centralized integrated building management solutions
  • Complete lighting management and energy optimization solutions
  • Management and control of equipment systems (Elevators, HVAC and heating)
  • Management and control of safety and ecurity systems (video protection, access control, fire detection, etc.)


  • IP telephony servers
  • High-performance hosted IP telephony
  • Multisites with centralized IP / PRI
  • Call centers with call reporting software


Electronic Security and Safety

  • Video protection platform
  • Monitoring & archiving solutions
  • Physical & electronic access control
  • Professional integrated security solutions
  • Global site security

Fire Protection and Smoke Extraction System

  • Automatic fire detection solutions and equipment
  • Automatic fire extinguishing solutions and equipment
  • Installation and inspection of smoke extraction systems
  • Design of evacuation and contingency plans

Network & Telecom

IT Solutions

  • Infrastructures (LAN, WAN, Wifi)
  • Advanced IT solutions
  • Network and database administration
  • Firewalls

Network Infrastructures

  • All-technology mobile networks
  • Optic fibre networks
  • Multi-site interconnection solutions


  • Telephone networks: integrated communication solutions (data, voice and video)
  • Multi-site interconnection solutions
  • Complete telecom site construction

Network Engineering & Installation

  • Transmission towers for telecommunications
  • Telecom network infrastructures
  • Network installation engineering


  • Datacenter infrastructure and equipment
  • Turnkey projects (construction of datacenters, fitting out of computer rooms, server rooms, IT rooms)
  • VDI cabling work
  • Datacenter maintenance: infrastructure and technical environment



  • Digital Technlogy Platforms
  • Automation & Blockchain
  • Data Analytics & Mobility

IOT (Internet Of Things) 

  • Connection management platform for IoT
  • IoT networking & IoT gateway
  • IoT connectivity management
  • IoT data management
  • IoT security

Artificial Intelligence

  • Critical infrastructure
  • Cyber AI platform
  • Cybersecurity
  • Utilities

Smart Cities

  • Cloud solutions
  • Smart home & Smart building
  • Big Data platforms for governments

Traffic Management

  • Intelligent road traffic management solutions
  • Speed cameras for traffic control
  • GPS tracking solutions
  • Intelligent parking solutions
  • Automatic vehicle counting
  • Mechanical access-control barriers


Design, Study & Execution

  • Study of landscaping and development of green spaces
  • Assessment of the technical and functional needs of public road networks, passageways, crossroads and roundabouts
  • Applying technological solutions to development work

Development Work

  • Various networks: medium and low voltage, telecommunications, public and ambient lighting
  • Landscaping and development of green spaces integrating technologies
  • Development of tourist sites integrating technologies
  • Development of industrial zones integrating technologiesa

Smart Buildings

  • Intelligent home automation systems & solutions
  • Building automation
  • Video protection, access and intrusion control
  • Centralized smart lighting
  • Connected energy meter

Smart Cities

  • Infrastructure solutions (LAN, WAN, Wifi)
  • Smart home & Smart building
  • Intelligent parking management solutions
  • 3D traffic solutions
  • Intelligent traffic management solutions
  • Automatic vehicle counting
  • Big Data platform solutions for governments

Rural and Urban Development

  • Various networks: medium and low voltage, telecommunications, public and ambient lighting
  • Network relocation and adaptation
  • Technological integration

Buildings (industrial, housing, tourist, public)

  • Technical and technological development of industrial areas
  • Technical and technological development of tourist sites
  • Technical and technological development of administrative and public buildings

Automatic Fire Detection System

  • Design of fire safety solutions
  • Automatic fire detection solutions and equipment
  • Design of evacuation and contingency plans

Fire Safety Systems

  • Compartmentalization
  • Smoke extraction
  • Technical shutdown


Lighting Systems

  • Runway and taxiway lighting
  • Lights (approach, axial, lateral, taxiway)
  • Lighted signs, windsock, beacons

Airport Information and Display System

  • Information display management
  • Statistical processing of information
  • Resource management system

Terrestrial Radar Detection

  • Medium-range detection radar
  • Long-range detection radar
  • Radar-based airport perimeter protection
  • Long-range radar and thermal camera-based integrated solutions
  • Maintenance of detection radars

Perimeter Protection and Security

  • Mechanical and electronic perimeter protection systems
  • Intrusion detection systems (sensors, optpical fiber, etc.)
  • Perimeter intrusion detection radar
  • PIDS optical fiber integrated microsensor solutions
  • Integrated PIDS alarm management system
  • Video surveillance for perimeter protection
  • Supervision, interfaces & centralized security system


Navigation and Radiocommunication Equipment

  • Navigation aids
  • Radiocommunication and recording systems
  • Wiring of electrical cabinets, industrial automation
  • Control and monitoring systems for electrical boat lifts

Perimeter Protection and Security

  • Mechanical perimeter protection systems
  • Electronic perimeter protection systems
  • Intrusion detection systems in the port area
  • Intrusion detection radar
  • Supervision, interfaces & centralized image display

Maritime Radar Detection System / Maritime Radar (VTS)

  • Integrated surveillance solutions based on detection in the port area
  • Automatic radar detection of ships in ports

Oil & Gas

Gas Leak Detection Systems for Oil Sites: Flammable or Toxic Gases

Flammable gases

  • Liquid and propane gas detectors
  • Portable flammable gas detectors
  • Complete stationary system for automatic gas leak detection with centralization
  • High-tech ultrasonic leak detectors
  • Calibration of flammable gas sensors

Toxic gases

  • Portable toxic gas detectors (chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, etc.)
  • Complete stationary system for toxic gas detection with centralization
  • Infrared explosion-proof gas detectors
  • Carbon dioxide detectors
  • Calibration of toxic gas sensors

Fire and Gas Detection Systems for Oil and Gas Sites

  • High-performance systems for the detection of toxic gases or flammable vapours on oil and gas sites
  • Stationary and automatic gas leak detection system with servo-controls

Fire Sprinkler Systems for Oil or Gas Sites

  • Glass bulb and deluge sprinkler heads
  • All installation types: wet & dry pipe/preaction/alternate
  • Servo-control by electro pumps or motor pumps group

Fire Extinguishers for Storage Tanks

  • Automatic flame detection at the joints of floating-roof tanks
  • Automatic fire extinguishing at the joints of floating-roof tanks

Fire Compartmentalization and Securing of Premises

  • Fire doors (steel/wood) (30, 60 and 120 min)
  • Firewalls or fire separation
  • Fire-resistant glazing
  • Caulking and thermal insulation

Industrial Electricity

  • Electric pumps and generators
  • Variable speed drives and soft starters
  • Metal fittings for electronic devices
  • Electrical apparatus and electrical works
  • Low-voltage switchgear cabinets, power distribution cabinets, automation and instrumentation cabinets
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting, emergency lighting
  • Prefabricated MV/LV substations

Industrial Instrumentation

  • Process control/command and signalling
  • Vibration equipment
  • Valves and control valves
  • Equipment and indicator calibration and adjustment

Revamping of gas sites and refineries

  • Expertise in control command systems
  • Maintenance of pneumatic and electro-pneumatic valves, cylinders and actuators, pressure and flow sensors, graphic recorders, controllers and programmers, pressure gauges and pressure switches
  • Calibration and adjustment of temperature, pressure, flow or pH measuring equipment


Control Command Systems

  • Upgrading of control systems
  • Integrated control command systems
  • Evaluation and improvement of functional safety

Industrial Automation

  • Design and study of automatic systems
  • Design of new automated systems (study, design and commissioning)
  • Design and improvement of production line processes
  • Automatic control, fault management, control loop, etc.
  • Integration of new equipmement via communication buses


Sensor Design

  • Manufacturing of need-specific sensors
  • Design of electronic cards and integrated circuits
  • Development of industrial equipment and solutions

Industrial Instrumentation

  • Measuring and control equipment
  • Modernization and upgrading of instrumentation
  • Calibration and adjustment of temperature, pressure and flow-measuring equipment


Servo-controlled Fountains

  • Electric fountain design
  • Sound and lighting control
  • Pumping system and engine control

Pumping Solutions

  • Pressure-boosting equipment
  • Industry pumping equipment
  • Design of industrial water pumping systems
  • Water pump installation services for the recreational and tourism sector
  • Inspection of water pumping systems using specialized cameras

Irrigation Solutions

  • Irrigation and rural development
  • Installation of irrigation equipment for green spaces
  • Design of pumping systems adapted to the irrigation of green spaces

Automation of Hydraulic Structures and Dams

  • Design and study of automatic systems for hydraulic structures
  • Modernization and upgrading of hydraulic instruments
  • Calibration and adjustment of measuring instruments installed on hydraulic structures

Renewable Energies

A. Solar Energy

Solar energy production

  • Techniques for exploiting solar energy
  • Solar and thermal panels
  • Photovoltaic solar energy
  • Thermodynamic solar energy


Solar Lighting and Smart Street Lights

  • Tubular or Foldable and flexible solar panels
  • On-grid/off-grid solar energy systems
  • Smart tubular solar street lights
  • Charge controllers and electronic daily programmers

Solar energy storage battery

  • Solar batteries storing the energy produced by the photovoltaic panels to ensure the power supply in all circumstances (day or night, clear or overcast sky).
  • Battery used with solar panels or wind sources.​​​

Energy efficiency, solar water heaters, solar lighting and LEDs

  • Energy in all sectors: transport, industry, construction, agriculture
  • Design of low-energy buildings
  • Energy management information systems
  • IT-controlled energy consumption
  • Innovative heating, ventilation and air conditioning networks
  • Optimization of lighting in the home

B. Wind Energy

  • Horizontal and vertical wind turbines
  • Generators for wind turbines
  • Blades, hubs and noses for wind turbines
  • Spare parts for wind turbines
  • Masts and supports for wind turbines
  • Wind kits for remote sites


A. Water Division

Seawater Desalination Solutions

  • Complete water analysis and treatment systems
  • Pumping, decanting, and filtering solutions
  • Desalination unit: distillation - reverse osmosis – electrodialysis
  • Water distribution systems, interconnection and regulation
  • Integrated watershed management

Water Production by Solar Energy

  • Drinking water production and supply
  • Energy and productivity management system
  • Optimization and energy recovery of networks and facilities

Water Quality Management Systems (WQMS) and Analyzers

  • Integrated osmosis pre-treatment and processing systems
  • Continuous analyzers for different water qualities:
  • Ultra-pure
  • Raw water, steam and condensate
  • Drinking water
  • Pool and cooling water
  • Continuous analysers: pH, redox, conductivity, resistivity
  • Dissolved oxygen, chlorine, hydrogen
  • Turbidity, silica, sodium, phosphate
  • Nitrates, ammonium, TOC

Solution for water treatment

  • The treatment of process and utility water (filtration, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, etc.)
  • Prevention of pollution through a recycling unit (evapo-concentration, ion exchange, membrane separation, etc.)
  • The purification of liquid effluents by physicochemical, biological and thermal means ...
  • Ion exchange using anionic and cationic resins.
  • Mixing and dosing instrumentation & equipment

B. Air Division

Air Quality Measurement Systems and Analyzers

  • Fixed automated stations and Air Quality Monitoring Networks (AQMS)
  • Automatic analyzers and dust samplers TSP, PM10, PM2.5
  • Mobile laboratories
  • Data acquisition and processing software
  • Fixed and portable calibration systems
  • Zero air and ozone generators
  • Microsensors for gas measurement
  • Indoor air quality monitors

Systems and Analyzers for Measuring Industrial Air Emissions and Process Gases

  • Continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS)
  • Gas analyzers
  • Dust and opacity analyzers
  • Portable gas analyzers
  • Flow measuring instruments
  • Exhaust gas sampling systems
  • Analyzer calibration systems
  • Process gas analyzers

C. Meteorology

  • Fixed or portable weather stations
  • Meteorological sensors
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Air temperature and humidity
  • Solar radiation
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Rain gauge

D. HVAC Division (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning)

  • Adaptation of supply air
  • Exhaust air ducts
  • Installation of new cold and hot pipes
  • Combined heat and power (CHP) systems
  • Industrial boiler systems
  • Heat transfer and distribution stations


SOTRETEC specializes in industrial, electrotechnical and electronic maintenance.

Our technical team handles:

  • Equipment commissioning
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenances
  • Retrofitting studies
  • Design, manufacture and commissioning of facilities
  • Pneumatic transport
  • Industrial maintenance

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