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Our Services

Study and Engineering

We define with you your functional needs, and we will exchange in order to precisely define the procedures and the functioning of the system to be implemented.

You will be contacted by a single project manager, who will manage the entire project and ensure its smooth running.

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Design and Implementation

We carry out the settings and programming of different technical solutions and we ensure the proper functioning of your future system, before implementation.

All our work takes into account the rules of the art of the profession, as well as the standards currently in force.

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  • Low Power

Turn to SOTRETEC for the installation of your low-power equipment systems:

  • Electricity
  • Public address system
  • CTM (Centralized Technical Management)
  • Telephony
  • Security equipment
  • Electronic security
  • Intrusion alarm system
  • Perimeter protection system

Safety and Security Solutions

Analysis, design and implementation

We analyze your security needs and define the right system to implement. Our services include the configuration and programming of various technical solutions. Our objective is to keep your installations in optimum condition and make sure that your safety & security, intrusion alarm and perimeter protection systems continue to work properly.

Centralized Technical Management Solutions

We assess your CTM (Centralized Technical Management) needs and design the integrated system to implement. Our services cover the configuration and programming of the various technical solutions. We also ensure your Public Address, Telephony and Electricity systems work properly.

Solution de technologie

OTRETEC evaluates your Smart City-related needs and defines what intelligent systems to implement. Our services include the configuration and programming of various technical solutions. We also ensure the proper functioning of your Digitalization, IoT (Internet of Things) and Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Our goal is to maintain your critical installations in good working condition.

We provide technical solutions and high-quality sensitive equipment suitable for various business areas, including the Urban, Airports, Ports, Oil, Industrial and Tourism sectors.

Our systems are equipped with the latest technology.

Below are the services we offer in Urban areas:

  • Design, study and execution of development work
  • Fire safety systems
  • Technical development of industrial, tourist and public buildings
  • Smart buildings and cities

Below are the services we offer in the Airports division:

  • Lighting systems
  • Airport information and display system
  • Radar detection
  • Perimeter protection and security

Below are the services we offer in the Ports division:

  • Navigation and radiocommunication equipment
  • Maritime radar detection system and maritime radar (VTS)
  • Perimeter protection and security

Automation and industrial IT experts

Call on our services to install your perimeter intrusion alarm, automatic fire detection and gas leak detection systems.

As an integrator specializing in electronic systems engineering, we can design specific sensors adapted to your needs.

We can ensure that your command and control systems receive the latest upgrades to maintain an optimum level of functionality.

SOTRETEC provides high-quality Automation and Industrial IT solutions, including:

  • Control systems
  • Industrial automation
  • Sensor design
  • Industrial instrumentation
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IT network infrastructures

Our company is an expert in the implementation and complete integration of telecommunications infrastructures, including:

  • IT solutions
  • Network infrastructures
  • Telecommunications
  • Network engineering
  • Datacenters

Advanced IT solutions

We provide simple, reliable, and cost-effective IT solutions specially designed to respond to your business needs. Benefit from our expert advice and our IT network installation service (LAN, WAN, Wifi). Our services include:

  • Network and database administration
  • Installation of datacenter and virtualization infrastructure and equipment
  • Configuration of software and hardware infrastructure.

We also offer fire detection solutions for datacenters.

SOTRETEC provides turnkey solutions.

All-technology mobile network infrastructures

Choose from the available 2G/3G/4G/5G mobile network infrastructures; we are here to help you optimize your telephone and fibre optic networks. We offer integrated communications solutions (data, voice and video).

Take advantage of multi-site interconnection solutions. We take care of the complete construction of telecom sites and telecom network infrastructures. We offer our services in Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Canada (Montreal, Laval, Terrebonne), the United States and Africa.

Hire our services for any telecommunications infrastructure projects.

Perimeter Intrusion Alarm Systems

Hire SOTRETEC for the installation of your perimeter intrusion alarm systems.

Protect yourself from intruders with our solutions

We offer a range of alarm systems to protect your building against intruders. In the industrial sector and at airports and ports, we install mechanical and electronic perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS).

You can call on our services to install radars and intrusion detection systems (sensors, fibre optics, etc.). We also offer PIDS fibre optic integrated microsensor solutions.

We assist you in adopting effective protective measures.

Optimum protection assurance

We carry out the installation of alarm systems to ensure optimal protection. You can rely on our expertise in the design of specific sensors adapted to your individual systems. We guarantee you high-performance and programmable electronic security solutions.

We also install fire protection systems as part of our service offering.

We design specific sensors adapted to your infrastructures.

Fire Protection Solutions

SOTRETEC provides integrated fire safety solutions.

Talk to us about your fire safety requirements - we will conduct a feasibility study for your project. We handle the setup and configuration of a range of technical solutions to ensure your systems work seamlessly:

  • Fire safety systems
  • Automatic fire detection systems
  • Gas leak detection systems for oil sites: flammable or toxic gases
  • Fire and gas detection system for oil and gas sites
  • Fire sprinkler systems for oil and gas sites
  • Fire extinguishers for storage tanks
  • Fire Compartmentalization & Site Security
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Quality, Security and Performance

Call on our services for the installation of fire detectors on your premises. We will ensure they are correctly placed, connected, activated and serviced. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field, we can guarantee the quality and long-lasting performance of your fire detection system.

We also offer fire protection solutions for datacenters.

  • SOTRETEC provides fire detection systems.
  • We offer turnkey solutions.
  • We have options suitable for high-risk sites, industries, shopping centres, etc.

The quality of our services is recognized across various parts of the world, including the Middle East and Africa.

Security system company Montréal

Road Traffic Management Solutions

We also specialize in road traffic management.

Our company offers a wide range of road traffic management solutions to optimize vehicle flow within cities.

Call on our services for the installation of Speed cameras. We also supply Doppler Radar systems to control and limit the average and instantaneous velocity of vehicles.

Our team guarantees your equipment is in perfect working condition.

Hydromechanical Solutions

We can also engineer and install hydromechanical systems for various industrial applications. Trust our expertise for system and application designs adapted to your specific needs:

  • Servo-controlled electric fountains
  • Pumping solutions
  • Irrigation solutions
  • Automation of hydraulic structures and dams
  • Revamping of gas and refinery sites
  • Instrumentation & Industrial Electricity

We guarantee high-performance, programmable automation solutions.

Renewable Energy Solutions

SOTRETEC also offers renewable energy solutions, including:

    A.  Solar Energy :

  • Solar energy production
  • Solar lighting
  • Solar energy storage battery

    B.  Wind Energy

  • We provide turnkey solutions.

Environmental solutions

Environmental solutions are also available for the following divisions:
    A. Water Division :

  • Seawater desalination solutions
  • Water production by solar energy
  • Water Quality Management Systems and Analysers (WQMS)
  • Water treatment solution


    B. Air Division

  • Air quality monitoring systems
  • Systems and analyzers for measuring industrial air emissions and process gases

    C. Meteorology

    D. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) Division

We offer turnkey solutions.

Multidisciplinary technical maintenance

SOTRETEC also provides multidisciplinary technical maintenance solutions.

  • Commissioning of equipment 
  • Predictive maintenances
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Industrial maintenance

We take care of evolutionary maintenance.

In addition to the integration and commissioning of security solutions, and technological and environmental systems, we also ensure your equipment remains in perfect working condition at all times through:

  • Remote assistance by telephone
  • Remote maintenance (parameter setting, configuration, diagnostics, etc.)
  • On-site interventions
  • Skills transfers


We also train operators and team leaders based on:

  • The expertise of associated trades and services
  • The perfect command of related technologies and products
  • Skill development and sustainability
  • Manufacturer’s training and certification
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